Drupal Camp Atlanta Session Slides

Thanks to all who attended my talk entitled Back to the Old School: Drupal for Webmasters at Drupal Camp Atlanta on October 2.  

The talk examined how to leverage Drupal's strengths to meet complex goals without the luxury of a team or web shop to help get the job done. I discussed some key modules and themes that can speed up the process of theming and site building, how to streamline your Drupal learning curve, and strategies for keeping your Drupal site "lean" and manageable.

Specific examples of complex deliverables made simple by Drupal referenced as a case study.

Drupal for Webmasters by Brett Baker

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What was the talk about?

Remember the webmaster? You remember the good old days when one person could reasonably design, build, and maintain a corporate website, right? Well those days are back, especially for non-profits and small businesses in a tough economy.

Being a webmaster wasn't a problem in the days of the 5-10 page website but today things are different. Organizations, despite of the economy, still need modern websites complete with blogs, rich media, rdf, feeds, aggregators, communities, collaboration tools, even microsites, not to mention the news stories and press releases that can quickly turn a small website into 1000+ pages.

How can today's webmaster handle all of this alone? Drupal, of course.

Check out the slides below or on Slideshare .