Placing Color

A painting exhibition successfully booked and promoted entirely online.

Placing Color was a travelling exhibition of paintings by three artists: Brett Baker, Kayla Mohammadi and Carrie Patterson.  The exhibition, conceived and curated by the artists, was pitched to potential venues entirely on the web. 

Traditionally artists approach potential venues by mail with printed material and 35mm slides, a significant cost both in time and money.  The Placing Color website provided a welcome alternative.  The artists began individually approaching venues by email with a short introduction and a link to the website.  Five galleries were booked in as many weeks.  As well as saving time and money the approach was well received by gallery directors, even those who did not schedule the show.

The website also provided a way to share images of each exhibition and promote associated events.  A feed automatically published blog posts to a Facebook fan page to connect with other artists and visitors. 

Even after the last exhibition the site continues to be a place where the artists can publish announcements about new exhibitions.

Additional Screen Shots